Why us

Not all organizations have the expertise or resources to carry out conversion/development processes. These activities are essential, but are definitely not the core activities of most organizations that require them.

An easy remedy to cut down costs and increase production times is to outsource work to turnkey, cost-effective and timely suppliers, no matter where they are on the planet. Outsourcing enables a company to concentrate on its core activities while experts can handle the work efficiently, ensuring quality results. The company will save time and money on a process that would otherwise be too tedious and exhausting if performed in-house.

Both Bulgaria & India have emerged as a reliable source for talent. Most Bulgarians speak English as a first/second language and can work on a computer quite efficiently. Although Bulgarian professionals are skilled as well as quality conscious, cost of qualified personnel is amongst the lowest in Europe. Bulgaria enjoys very strong brand equity in major markets, thanks to its growing and globally competitive software industry. Bulgaria has the technology to cost-effectively and efficiently handle outsourced work.

Some of the reasons why outsourcing is so popular are:

  • At least 50% saving on manpower
  • Saving on personnel overheads
  • Getting accurate results
  • Faster turnaround on large volumes
  • Savings on overtime costs
  • Savings on equipment purchase and maintenance costs
  • Savings on hiring and training costs
  • Low Employee turnover rate
  • English speaking background

Being in Europe, we share a few common working hours with the Americas, Asia as well as Australia. As we are working when other countries are sleeping, the work is ready the next morning!

We are located in Gabrovo, Bulgaria and New Delhi, India. Both cities have a huge pool of English speaking and computer literate graduate manpower to choose from. We have state-of-the-art technical proficiency, with an efficient and skilled workforce trained to best meet the requirements of an international client. We offer best quality, value-added services to our customers scheduled within a rigorous time limit.

A customer looks for the ability of an outsourcer to deliver with speed and accuracy. With us, speed and accuracy go hand-in-hand. Constant attention to quality, superb customer service, commitment to work and accuracy permeate every level of our organization. We ensure quality in our services by deploying documented quality processes, latest technology and a skilled workforce, with focus on quality and competitive prices. We use established and proven methodologies, quality processes and skilled professionals to deliver quality services to our clients. Quality is ensured at all the stages of production by adhering to strict in-house as well as client-specific guidelines. Our employees comprise of highly competent university educated graduates / post graduates proficient in their relevant branches of specialization.

We provide improved efficiency and labor savings by working much faster with digital documents. You can eliminate costly in-house systems that drive significant capital expenditures and resources, and also eliminate facility costs.

We have access to the best of technological and telecommunication facilities. Our premises are equipped with the latest technology and facilities:

  • Centrally located and well networked facility
  • Always on’ internet connectivity 
  • Back-up leased line of same bandwidth from a different ISP to ensure 100% up-time
  • Well-lit office space, with cheerful ambience and ergonomically designed workstations that ensure maximum comfort, minimize fatigue and increase productivity of the employees
  • 24×7 power supply backed up with multiple levels of uninterrupted power supply
  • State-of-the-Art Servers and Network
  • Latest Computers (Macs/PCs), High-End Scanners & Printers

And because we are working when other countries are sleeping, the work is ready the next morning!