Desktop Publishing (DTP) entails the development and adaptation of existing documents to fit the format and layout criteria of the target language. DTP involves design desktop and layout work to generate high-quality translated publications from different digital document types or already published versions.

Creating a visually appealing document from both an outside layout and an inside content standpoint is a demanding task in itself. When you consider the challenge of adapting the publication to the demands of a new language, the work becomes even much more challenging.Any desktop publishing project, regardless of its complexity or target language requirements, is handled by the Super DTP team of skilled DTP specialists, who are armed with industry-leading publishing technology and years of expertise

The Benefits of Desktop Publishing:
  • Reduction in production costs and turnaround times
  • Prepare your documents according to the languages specifics.
  • Improve your work’s readability and quality.
  • Ensure that your documents are consistent across languages.
Our DTP services

Our Desktop publishing services include multilingual publishing, layout design and text formatting. We work on a wide range of publishing projects for a variety of platforms and languages.  Our layout and formatting specialists create localized versions of your documents for all your publishing needs. We work with all types of publications, including magazines, brochures, user manuals, technical manuals, marketing brochures etc.

Text formatting and typesetting

Before your text gets published, Super DTP performs unrivaled page formatting and layout. For maximum readability, we check font size, type, special characters, and more. Page breaks, margins, headers, tabulation, bulleted lists, blocking, indenting, and line breaking are all checked, and our professionals guarantee that all material is correctly formatted and satisfies all publication rules.

Layout Design

Correct book, brochure, manuals, magazine etc. layouts are ensured by Super DTP, so you can avoid post-publication issues. You can rest assured that your magazines and books will be delivered on schedule and within budget by Super DTP. Before publication, all graphics, screen shots, and drawings are meticulously checked and adjusted.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

We can localize content into any language (translations provided by you) and deliver print-ready PDFs, ready for publishing. This includes the localization of any pictures in your material. We work with all languages, including Asian, Middle Eastern, and European languages.

The following are some of our most popular multilingual Desktop Publishing Services:
  • Layout for books, magazines, and newspapers
  • Creating graphics
  • Brochures, point-of-purchase displays, and catalogs
  • Image editing services
  • Typesetting and formatting services
Why Outsource Desktop Publishing Services to Super DTP?

Super DTP is a leading desktop publishing company in Bulgaria. In addition to DTP, we also provide multilingual invoice processing, video editing, and brand design services. Our experts know how to use desktop publishing software like InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, Photoshop, and others. Here are some extra advantages of using the services of Super DTP:

  • We provide multilingual desktop publishing services in all languages.
  • A highly skilled team of DTP experts, designers, illustrators and graphic artists, with an English-speaking single point-of-contact account manager.
  • We offer a 365/24/7 schedule (with prior booking) with quick turnaround times and the ability to work in any time zone.
  • We adapt to the needs and budgets of each client by taking a customer-centric approach.
  • We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation rules.
  • Working experience with startups, SMEs, Fortune 500s, Fortune 1000 companies, etc.
  • We use secure web servers and FTP uploads, virtual private networks (VPNs), and confidentiality agreements to ensure 100 percent security.
  • Pricing options that are cost-effective and can save you up to 60%