Multilingual Desktop Publishing, E-Learning Localization & PDF Remediation Services

The process of converting your original document into aesthetically appealing, print-ready publications is known as Desktop Publishing (DTP). Our DTP experts transform your text, pictures, charts, and other graphics into brochures, booklets, advertisements, magazines, manuals, and more. They can create visually appealing documents in any language you require, while adapting the design to the copy length and the message to be conveyed.

Super DTP is an organization with 60+ in-house DTP specialists, offering a host of outsourced desktop publishing services since 2014. We offer Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP), E-Learning and PDF Remediation Services to localization companies and translation agencies worldwide. We work with all languages, including European, Middle-Eastern, Asian, Indic, Cyrillic, Baltic etc.

As an agency, we want to make it simple for anyone to create high-quality documents without any effort. Our professionals work on a variety of publishing projects for a variety of platforms and languages. Super DTP's skilled DTP professionals are equipped with industry-leading publishing software and years of work experience to tackle any desktop publishing task, regardless of its complexity or target language requirements.

Our Services

E learning localization

PDF Remediation

PDF Accessibility is a crucial element to consider for your business, irrespective of the type of industry. You must build all your digital materials with accessibility in mind in order to provide an equitable experience for all users, even if they are impaired.

File Preparation

We prepare documents for translation to reduce post-translation DTP effort, time, resources and thus, expense. Our key expertise is to work on projects of any size, language, format, or platform as desired by our clients.

E learning Localization

E-learning Localization

Targeting a global audience has its own set of obstacles. Employers benefit from E-Learning localization because it saves time and money in training people to improve their skills and knowledge.


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