We prepare documents for translation to reduce post-translation DTP effort, time, resources and thus, expense. Our key expertise is to work on projects of any size, language, format, or platform as desired by our clients.

We prepare files for translation and provide the following services:
  • Conversion of PDF to Word/Powerpoint/InDesign etc as well as re-creation of the source PDF (scanned/editable) to CAT-tool compliant doc/IDML, matching the whole layout: We specialize in extracting text from photos and graphics, InDesign, QuarkXPress, PDFs (scanned or editable), and other formats for translation, as well as developing bilingual tables for translation. The output is in double-column MS-Word format, making it simple to re-import the translated content into the source files. We can also put the translated text back into the original files
  • Format Conversion: Super DTP specializes in converting manuscripts from one format to another, including cross-platform conversion. Documents in PDF or TIFF format can be converted to Word, XML, or any other format that the customer prefers, and then re-formatted to meet particular requirements. Document layout entities are shared between systems.
  • Additionally, we can convert files from PageMaker or QuarkXPress to InDesign. Our staff is well-versed in Quark to InDesign conversion and has been appropriately educated to handle big numbers of files. Your PageMaker files will be converted to InDesign while retaining the original page layout and visual appeal.
  • Document archiving: Organizations are looking for more and better ways to extract information from them. The ability to undertake varied text extraction into fully-searchable documents is critical for guaranteeing that the document’s quality does not deteriorate over time. One of the issues that businesses confront when constructing document archives is data inaccessibility, which occurs when documents are locked as static pictures. We will assist you in mitigating this issue and creating operational document archives.
The importance of file preparation:

Inadequately prepared files can result in poor print quality and more time and money spent on reprints. Files should be prepared according to the printer’s specifications to obtain the best possible print output. The most critical stage in printing preparation is to develop a print-ready PDF. Specifically designed PDFs are print-ready PDFs. It is configured to the printer’s specifications, ensuring that the file prints accurately.

Reasons to contact us for file preparation services:

“Super DTP” is a well-established company with many years of expertise in the field. Our experienced and skilled experts are ready to help you with any of your needs. We offer high-quality services at competitive rates.

We are reliable and trustworthy, and we always follow through on our promises. We are always here to assist you and will give you the highest level of service.

Do you require assistance with file preparation for organization? Our team of knowledgeable experts can assist you. We’ll clean up your document, prepare it for translation, and provide it to you in the given time span. Allow us to assist you in getting your documents ready for action!

Please contact us for any queries. Email us at info@superdtp.com